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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Matter hierarchy!


Matter - Its more of the college/univ term. A one-liner would equate to "Whats hot happening around you?". Its about the latest developments b/w usually a guy and a girl (whether you know them or not is immaterial). The sources could be third-hand or even fourth, but more the hands (actually ears) it traverses, more spicy it could get.

Sharing Matter - One of those idle evenings when you have nothing else to talk to your friend, you share the karma, cha matter. Again, for the friend to divulge matter to you, you have to prove yourself over time, that something told to you, dies with you. (Actually none of the matter die, it would have been shared somewhere sometime to someone).

Matter Dissemination - Adhaaga pattadhu, no matter will escape the eyes of the people. Someone somewhere will have an inkling to whats happening. The sharing of matter usually takes a route, as to who gets to hear it first and who last.

To build a tree according to the hierarchy of matter dissemination.

Analysis: Idhu kadhaiyaa irukee... experiments or test-cases are never revealed to the public (for accounts of extreme privacy). So I am going to jump to the observations and results straight away.

The number 1 position goes to:

1. Single Girl - She gets to know of all the things that are happening in and around the place - as to what's going on between x and y and if there is a possibility of this turning real.
Reasons: One - she is single and has all the time in the world and second "She is single" and people tend to get closer to her! (You dont have to worry about angry stares from her BF!).

The number 2 position goes to:

2. Single Guy - Now this race was close. I almost chose committed girl, but then being single definitely gives you lot of time to talk-gossip. Even if you dont know something, you can ask as many questions possible without getting hit on your head by your GF!

The number 3 position goes to:

3. Committed Girl - Cheer up girl, you are still not the last. And you were not the second just because of lack of time! (and to a lesser extent your cold-staring BF next to you :)

The ignominy of last position goes to:

4. Committed Guy - Maanida pathar-la arpa padhar intha jenmam- thaan. Orutharum kandukka maattanga, evanum call panna maataan. Neeye paninaalum - voice message-aa vittu thallanum. Ellaarum avan settled-nu odhukki vechuduvaanga, nee busy-aa iruppa nu nakkal vera viduvaanga. (Sathiyamaa, illa-da nu sonnaa nambavaa poreenga?). Unaku oru matter- evanaavathu sonaa - kandippa that must be like 6 months old (and you think no-one knows when actually every-one in the friend's circle knows about it).

The End.

ps1: Reason for this blog - the drastic fall of emails and phone calls to me over the past 2-3 weeks :(
ps2: For reasons mentioned above, atleast comments vanthaa email varume nu oru sandhosham.
ps3: Thanks to my friend VV who coined this "Matter-sollu" word, but avanum......


Blogger Zeppelin said...

yen da machi ippidi polambirke.. nee oruthan committed aana apparamum blog podare... avan avan committed-a illaya nu theriyama rendungattan stage leye escape aaran da.. ;)

but best part onnoda ps1,2,3 dhan.. especially 3.. ROTFL !!!!!! semma post machi.. ;)

oh btw, you missed another category.. single boy, living very far away from everybody else.. andha category also no email, no phone calls.. :D

12:33 PM  
Blogger Syam said...

LOL...matter ah pathi ivalo explain pannitu...matter ennanu sollama vituteengaley...irundhaalum unga matter thaan ennanu ellorukum theriumey... :-)

1:17 PM  
Blogger dinesh said...

And then there are people who act happy when you tell them highly confidential "matters" and act like you did them a great favor, and listen to what you say with the utmost interest. And then you later find out that they've been knowing this (and probably lot more) for ages and it's you that's the dumbo in the whole process ! :)The irritating part in having an interest in "matters" is that, people use your interest against you and you're often then last to know about certain things ! Oh well !

3:40 PM  
Blogger mystery said...

haha...nalla which one are you..single guy or committed..;)
unnakku mails thana venum...kavaleye padatha...give me ur email:P

4:53 PM  
Blogger Muthukumar Puranam said...

single man ku second positiona..I was without cell phone for two weeks..ppl did not even knew that.

8:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ne solradhu sutha poi!!!!
naan othuka maaten!!

4th category arpa padharaa.. un friendsukku kalyanathuku aprom 5 years panna poradha, avanga unaku oru few months sample kaataraanga..

sir, 3rd and 4th category makkal mathvangala eppayume imsaiyaa dhaan paapaanga..

9:31 PM  
Blogger Prabu Karthik said...

I'm totally surprised...

Recently committed payyan, blog eludharadhey periya vishayam, adhilayum 'enakku mail varala, yaarum matter sollala' nu polambaradhu........

prabhu, unmaya sollu avanga bench la irundhu project ku poitangala?? rombo busy aitaangala?

nee phone pannina 'koncham busy aprom pesalaam nu solitaangala???

illai na ipdi post ellam varaadhey!!

9:55 PM  
Blogger Viji said...

nalla matter aana post, but unga observations- rijicted'u.. :P
eppovume, matter discussions and gossip la active interest kaatradhu pasanga dhan, aana penngluku dhan gossip mongers nu avappeyar.. :(
My list would be
1.Single guy,2.Single girl,3.Committed guy,4.Committed girl.

Dinesh, kodhichu poi irukka nu nenaikkaren.. no tension, relax. ;)

7:17 AM  
Blogger Prabhu said...

nee yaara sollra edhuku solraa enaku sathiyamaa vilu-ngave illa-paa..

single boy, living far away lol :) I can empathize...

syam avargale,
neenga vera, matter solraapula onnum nadakka maatengudhu nu sonna nambavaa poreenga?

A tells B matter x and also says dont tell anyone, A tells C the same thing separately. Days later, B reveals to C 'x'. Appo C idealy should not tell B that he already knows it. Adhu thaane correct? Makkale neenga sollunga!

PB: udane unaku evanum matter sollala-nu soladhe, chumma oru pechuku sonnom, idhula A nee thaan!

7:19 AM  
Blogger Prabhu said...

me at the bottom spot of the hierarchy...nee email kekkaradha paathaa, edho spam mail-list la subscribe panniduva pola irukke!

unaku edhuku man cell fone? nee thaan vantage point-la irukkiye, ella matter-um theriyara maadhiri...

welcome after a long time...
cha, actually ennoda frends kalyanam aana aporama thaan avangaloda inum neraiya pesa aarambippen...
evvlo naal- dhaan fone panni antha paiyan kitte mattum pesaradhu...
3 and 4 kevalam- nu othukkara -la...

7:26 AM  
Blogger Prabhu said...

mumbai lenthu vanthaacha? enna man, vandhadhum family-kulla kuzhappatha undaakkara...
mail-varalai, fone varalai-nu solradhu matha friends kittenthu...
actually adhuvum oru reason- nu vachukkoyen - avanga aaapeess la velai jaasthiyaam...

hey-ram dialogue - "Onaaya irunthu paathaa thaan antha nyaayam puriyum".. maaadhiri, oru committed guy-a irunthaa thaan theriyum...

And pasanga pesara gossip-e vera, neenga pesaradhe vera... aana rendu perum equal gossip mongers naa othuppen...ponnungala beat ellam panna mudiyadhu..

7:32 AM  
Blogger kuttichuvaru said...

2 weeks-laye ivvlavu othukki vechittaangale.... future eppdi irukkumo-nnu kavalai padara!! correct thaan!! ellaarum yosikka vendiya vishayam thaan!!

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL. Chancey illai .. and PB comment awesome :)) .. PBku than ellam therium .. I agree.

3:46 PM  
Blogger Me said...

phew....kalyaanam aagataum...appo theriyum committed guy oda status evalo mel nu.....

3:57 PM  
Blogger Shilpa said...

Hey I don't agree with you !

Boys generally have a better 'database' than girls ! Esp if the guy is single !!!

So I think the number 1 position shd go to the single guy !

ur analysis is very 'biased' :P

5:50 PM  
Blogger Prabhu said...

correeect-aa purinjikina baa..
unakum oru kaalam varum appo piriyum..

nandri hai...PB-ku thaan nijamave unna vida neraiya theriyum, enna vida neraiya theriyum...

Nijamave neengale thaan solreengala? Illaa "vachaa-daa aaapu" kaaaga solreengala-nu purillaiye...

I agree to an extent - boys have a better database, but all of them confess to a girl, who then happens to know more than what each guy knows.. Picture like different small rivers merging into a big sea.. (aiyo, kalakkitten..analogy!)

And I can say the same - that ur analysis is biased as well...:P

6:13 PM  
Blogger Archana said...

I guess it also depends on the personality of the person who is used for confiding - even among the single people, there is a hierarchy :-)!

And I have to add, actually its the single guys who have the biggest database! Many times I have heard totally brand new gossip from guys - which none of the girls knew about! I agree with some of the other commenters - even though girls get the title usually, I have noticed that guys enjoy and spread gossip even more :-P!

11:16 PM  
Blogger Viji said...

Prabhu- "Makkale neenga sollunga" nu nee kadhari nyayam kekkardhunala solren. Assuming you are C, enna irundhalum nee pannadhu periya thappu dhan... :P :P :P
"indha chappa matter kka ivlo build up... ada B vendru, idhu enakku munnadiye theriyum" nu pottu odachurkanum! ;)

edho, ennala mudinjadhu! :))))))))

7:48 AM  
Blogger Saranya Kishore said...

Heehee nice post! :--)
Eppadi ippadi ellam thonradhu ungalukku? :--D
So u r feeling left out-a? :--))

11:09 PM  
Blogger Prabhu said...

definitely there is a hierarchy to confide also...accepted, but then guys more gossiping more than girls - naan othukkaa matten, adellaam sellaadhu...

Makkale - nu solitta nee panchayathu panna vanthuduviyaa? naattaamai maadhiri...
chumma rendu peruku madhila sandai-moooti vidaradhula enna nanmai-kidaikka poradhu...

welcome...adhellaam thaanaa thonudhu-maa...yoschu ezhuthanum-naa yoschinde irukka vendiyadhu thaan...

11:53 PM  
Blogger Shilpa said...

Guys 'claim' that girls gossip more...but I've noticed that most times its vice-versa. Ofcourse there are exceptions.

12:45 AM  
Blogger Karthik B.S. said...

hmm.. nalla postu... matter matter nu sonnudume naan kooda vera edhavudhu irukumnu niniachen :D

1:09 AM  
Blogger Prabhu said...

looks like till I accept, you will not leave! :(, sari okay compromise, guys gossip more but eventually girls end up knowing more bcos they have more sources...Deal-aa?

matter-naa vera enna poda mudiyum? Apporama A certificate kuduthda poraanga ennoda blog-ku...

1:05 PM  
Blogger Zeppelin said...

machan yaarayum kuripittu sollala da..apdi oru flow la solradhu dhan..;)

2:03 PM  
Blogger Bhargavi Krishnan said...

@prabhu anna!!

committed pasanga.. defly i agree... lolz.. man!! hilarious post!

2:30 PM  

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