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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Mandai kanja Monday

1. My team lead would have come from a vacation from last week and emailed me about the "to-do" list for the upcoming weeks! But I dont know what he has sent me yet.
2. I might have got a lot of emails from our "vetti" group since its a Monday. ( This group is really inactive during the weekends, but the mailing freq starts on Monday reaching a crescendo on Friday with "weekend plans" flying all around.) Unfortunately I cannot check them.
3. My yahoo would have received an email from ex-ex-ex girl friend of mine who might have suddenly remembered my umteenth email to her and replied back today. Sigh! I cannot read it until atleast late in the evening.
4. What has happened to the world? Probably, something important has happened in India but I cannot go to websites like rediff, hindu, expressindia yet!
5. Shucks, I cannot even login to the chat, what if the "aadiku oru thadavai amma vaasaiku oru thadavai" buzz panra ponnu, wanted to buzz me now?

Ya, my Monday started off rather bad ( or was it good :D) with my hard drive crashing in my office laptop. So had to wait all day to get it fixed. And man! its so hard to be at work without work to do. It really is kadi pottufyings.

Anyway got my PC back around 5pm ( what a long wait it was - 9am to 5pm even though I took 2 trips to the cafeteria to get coffee, and multiple trips around workbench to restroom - just for the heck of it!). After 5pm, I logged onto email, web, chat, gmail everything and found out there were NO email messages, NO news updates, NO offliners and NO one was looking for me!

I should have probably buzzed that girl and asked her "Did you want to buzz me?".
Now I didnt want to face an embarrasing end to a Monday, I will probably ask her tomorrow. :)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

>>>>an email from ex-ex-ex girl friend

deii..idhlaam overaa therla..
paavam daa purshangaaran..

7:25 PM  
Blogger Kay said...

I should have probably buzzed that girl and asked her "Did you want to buzz me?". LOL

Hope your week gets better :)

10:15 PM  
Blogger Kay said...

Hope your week gets better...Let ur ex-ex-ex girlfriend become ur girlfriend :))

10:16 PM  
Blogger Prabhu said...

anon - chumma oru buildup statement athu, avvlo thaan. all statements are fictitious, any resemblance is purely coincidental.

kay - eppdi man irukka?
ya hopefully it gets better :)

12:21 AM  
Anonymous govind said...

Prabhu annaen,
onga oppice computera nalla check paneengala - rhomba naalaa athu work panninruntha
PC thaana..nalla kulikki ulikki partheengala ?? ;)

anyways..neenum ippolam shankar padam mathiri ore topic - yerkanave sollirukka..messenger lla "yarum" thenpadllannu - irunthalum athe shankar "the thinker" madhiri nalla swarasyatha serthuta..apidiye dhaanda apidiye dhaan..nadathu. tc

10:50 PM  

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