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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Stop it guys!

I went home early on Thursday ( ya, I know the weekend is within hand's reach!), switched on Headlines Today TV channel and was shocked at the visuals that I saw.

Headline Number 1: Dr. Rajkumar passed away, but that is not the news. The fans in Karnataka have made sure they have eclipsed the death of an icon in Kannada cinema with the violence that they have unleashed. The visuals were disturbing to say the least. Irate ( what are they irate about? they should have been sad instead) fans setting fire to city buses, smashing windows of shops, using sickle, spades to destroy the median in roads, attacking policemen - Man! I wish we were a bit more civilized than that. Now its going to be a tense life in Bangalore till this frenzy over Rajkumar melts down.

I remember every one of us would have heard from our parents: "What if he is an actor, avan onnum unaku saapaadu poda porathu illa".

Headline Number 2: Saluting Javed. He came out unburnt from the Meerut fire. Then saw a bunch of students inside the fire struggling to come out, went inside the fair again to save lives. He saved 7 students and then trying to save one more, suffered 90% burns when a tent on fire fell on him. He succumbed to burns and died in the hospital yesterday. Rightly hailed as a hero for his acts, his death again left some bad taste at the end of it all when his friends ransacked the hospital alleging negligence on the Doctors' part. It was a government hospital and now no patient could be admitted for the next 3-4 days.

These people cannot get away from the laws of book or from their conscience just because they acted on impulse.

Off the topic - " Wishing all of you a cherishable tamizh new year wishes". Iniya puthaandu vaazhthukkal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy new year prabhu..

rajkumara veerappan kadathinappo naa banglorela thaniya night 2 maniku nadandhu vandhen.. i was staying very close to Rajkumar's house and there were debris in Malleswaram and road blocks..enaku sama bayam appo dhan hindi padichirukalamnu nenaichen...

Rajukumara Veerappan thookinadhunaala sama upset... enga family Sringeri Trip was cancelled. inniku varaikum enaku adhula romba varutham.

I think Rajkumar is a good person..a very good role model .. he would have been sad if he was around seeing this happen in his name.


1:13 PM  
Blogger Archana said...

Happy New Year :-)!

I am very shocked by the reaction to Rajkumar's death. I cannot think of a single justification for all that horrible violence :-(!

5:05 PM  
Blogger Prabhu said...

hindi theriyaatti enna, only bcos you didnt know hindi - she helped u in mumbai airport, hindi therinju nee pesi irunthaa ava un pakkam thirumbi iruppaala?

Totally concur on theres no reasoning behind the violence.

9:55 AM  
Blogger Kay said...

Puthu template parthu 1 nimit vera yaro blog'ku vanthutomonu ninachen, Nice :)

Rajkumar death, Black color template dei nee rajkumar rasikarnu sollave illaye da

7:00 PM  
Blogger Shilpa said...

Abt news 1 - yes its sad. I can never understand why violence is there and buses burnt. What is the point ?
My BE exams had got delayed by quite a few weeks after Annavaru was kidnapped by Veerappan.

News 2 - His heroic act is praiseworthy. His death is so tragic.

12:31 PM  
Blogger Shuba said...

The incidents that happened with Dr.Raajukumars death was real atrocious...People in bangalore had a real tough time...very true..sethupona Rajkumar ivangalukku sappadu podaporathu illa then donno y so much curfue???

7:16 PM  

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