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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Too late in the night for a sane post

It is a bright sunny day - you are all excited about the long weekend that you are going to spend. You are even more excited to get to the all-boys-gettogether that has been planned meticulously by the enthusiastic, aarva kolaaru parties in your group. To digress a little bit, I have always enjoyed the all-boys road trip more than any other trips that I have been to. Yes, I enjoy the company of girls in some long road trips ( who doesn't?) but the all-boys trip is fun all the way.
With all guys, you really are not going to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place u r visiting or to enjoy the artisticly built structures but you are definitely going to enjoy the drive up until there - that is if you get there on time. The innumerable restroom breaks in your already long drive- if you have 5 guys in a car, the probability of someone wanting to use the restroom or a dhum at any point of time is always close to 1.
Anywayss, wanting to enjoy the long weekend with guys, you call the cab, setup a time for him to drop you at the airport. Then with 30 mins left for the cab to come, you hurriedly come back home and you think - what should I pack?. I know I am going to forget something - it better be something like a toothbrush/soap/deo which are things that you could do without and worst case there is the "beg/borrow/steal" policy. You wouldnt want to leave without your undergarments ( which has a high probability of 50%) as the policy 'cannot' rather 'should' not be applied here. Deodorants deserve a special mention here - there are a lot of guys would conveniently remember to leave them unpacked because they know there would definitely be someone (read as eevaa), who would be fully loaded with deo's and sprays.
Okay, you have packed everything that you could remember (Oh, I forgot to get this - is a scene that is a sure thing after I get to the airport), call up your friend to tell him that you are leaving now and ask "what flight number, I am coming via Delta" when he asks for the flight number.

You catch the cab, take the back seat and enjoy the radio show that the 6o year old driver is listening to. Two points here - 1. Are all the cab drivers in the 55-60 year category or is it just me? Or do they have a filtering criteria based on the caller? Namma ooru maadhiri lady auto drivers en anuppi vekka matengaranga? 2. Enjoying the radio show is a misleading term - you try hard to listen to the host, you think you are understanding what the host is saying and suddenly the driver gives a loud laugh and you have no other go, you have to laugh as well, enjoy the laugh to make-beleive that you understood the joke part.

Finally, you get to the airport - pay the driver his tip and he says "Thanks, and have a good trip to Texas."
You reply "You too".
Driver - "????!!!! Duh!".

Some people might escape this trap but will be caught offguard by the lady(atleast a lady here:) who gets your boarding passes. "Thanks sir, have a nice trip." You reply "Thanks you too!".

And your all-boys trip has already begun with a bang if you were with a friend. He will make sure your acts get the proper coverage that it deserves.


Blogger Subha said...

You going to a road-trip?! Or remniscing about an old one?

7:36 AM  
Blogger dinesh said...

Funny ! The laugh to make believe you understood part...I've seen you do that quite a lot :)

Yeah, all oys trip are awesome. Very little pressure. Girls are great ! But an all boys trip definitely means more fun and less nachchal :)

10:21 AM  
Blogger Muthukumar Puranam said...

is there a trip that can beat our "smokies"..did we really reach smokies?

I wonder what career might have ordered when starbucks gal said "sorry we dont sell that newspaper any more?".

2:34 PM  
Blogger rajesh said...

Hope you were referring to this trip of ours :)

Arrival of flights..Pick up from the airport..Awaiting the last guy's arrival to the hotel..Calling front desk for airport shuttle..checking in to the single bedroom hotel..Declaring that Only 1 person would be staying in the room... Entering the hotel one by one to avoid being caught..

Maps..directions..City attractions..Info gathering..Getting lost..Finding an amicable cop for directions..Finding the nearest Gas station..Ask for directions the millionth time..Incorrect navigation in the car..the 3 or 4 fights inside the car over directions..use of expletives that sound like music to the bachelors's ears..Finally reach the destination.

Conversations that sound like someones getting released out of constipation..Laughter splitting across the room,with the decibel level gradually starting to rise..The throats slowly starting to get coarse..Use of words,which would have been last used 8 years ago during college..The galeejometer reading in the room hitting the roof..Jokes and funny episodes spanning the last decade..the ones which took place and the ones which were ably made up..

Gals..Gals..Gals..That college gal who even her best girlfriend would have forgotten,would be remembered and cherished about..That lost lover of a roommate will be recollected for the nth time ..Those run around trees,buses,wait at the busstops shall be revisited..Hearty laughs at the foolish follies..Gals..Gals..Gals..The ones we knew..the ones we din't know..the ones we might come to know..Everyone of them shall provide enough fodder for the all boys trip.. cameras..No for AA batteries..The search ends at the next Gas station..1 or 2 group fotos..the rest of them Maaplai.jpgs..Uploading of snaps..circulating the link to the ones who matter..1 or 2 of them being prospective Daavs...

Food..Eat as much as U can for the nearest Indian restaurant..Go for the buffet..Make sure no water is drunk during the for every penny being spent..go for 2 or 3 rounds..bring the dessert in a separate plate matching the main course plate..Go to the hotel and sleep like a dog for the next 2 hours..

Sleep time...Roll on the bare carpet..feel cozy under the only comforter being shared by 3 or 4 the whole night..the darkness aiding in the seemless flow of nostalgic thoughts..Then comes the first snore..which ends the jamboree..followed by 3 asynchronous snoring...the sound reminding the good old college days..kind of re-listening to some old music was last heard 8 years ago!

Time to leave..Packing all stuff..Voices suddenly filled with sadness..Hearts feeling heavy..Faces faking the sadness with some laughter..a few jokes which really don't evoke laughter anymore..Realisation that its time to part..Bye da..Goodluck da...Call me when you reach daa..

There ends the trip with a heavy heart filled with nothing but fond memories...Awaiting nothing but the next opportunity to re-create it and recreate ourselves...Question is..Is it even feasible in future..Guys r getting married..No more all boys trips!!?..No more galeej!!?..No more Jalsas..!..No more gilmas??

dei....Once more polaaamaa da??


2:40 PM  
Blogger Archana said...

I *always* say "you too" to the boarding-pass collection person when they wish me :-(! Bulb always glows only after the words have already gotten out!

5:38 PM  
Blogger Shilpa said...

Road trip in Texas ?
well, u can sure drive forever here :-P

6:08 PM  
Blogger Prabhu said...

Me not going on a road trip, next trip lexington thaan.

dinesh - Nee 12th standard la highest'e English la thaane vaangina, unaku poi english puriyama irukuma ? :)

Smokies trip me not a part, but from the stories that you have told us - I missed it big time.

10:38 PM  
Blogger Prabhu said...

rapi -
Nee inimel betu voda thane da pova.. kilikku rekkai mulachiduthu, paranthuttaa... naan innum all boys gang la thaan irukken.

archana - same pinch! I am not alone.

Shilpa - ya, I had been to texas 2 years back and we were driving day,night, and I enjoyed the weather being so nicce even during thanksgiving.

10:42 PM  
Blogger Shuba said...

Hey your post and was wondering where on earth to search on for the part 2...i mean the trip found it in the comment page...So seems u had a real bash...Ensoiiiii

7:26 PM  
Blogger Kay said...

Nice Post
The "You too" cracked me up.

U say u missed the smokies trip big time, actually u know wat i shud have missed that trip :) I Was kidding, besides the career thing it was all round fun.

1:07 PM  
Blogger Prabhu said...

thanq, and welcome to my blog.

naan atha neraiya vaati pani irukken - hope neeyum you too soli iruppenu ninaikiren.

12:34 AM  
Blogger Vivhyd said...

u knw wht "This you too" thing gets to me as well.. i use this sometimes out of habit and it ends up looking silly like this one did..

1:56 PM  
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