Miles to go before I sleep...

Friday, November 17, 2006


Friday is here!

And the weekend mood has kept me going even though I was surprisingly up by 530 am today! (That is a good 2 1/2 hours earlier than normal :)

Anyways since, I was up at 530, I was able to get a couple of glimpse of the sun raising magnificiently behind the woods!

And here is another one!

Such rare occurrences need to be preserved somewhere - naalaiku yaaravathu 530 ellaam nee paathu irukkiya- nu kettuda koodaadhu paarunga?

Sari, have a good weekend!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Simbu: Deii, neee yen ennoda friend-kitte I love you sonnennu naan kekkalai da.
Ava love pannalai-naala konnuduvennu mirattiniyaame?

Ponnungala miratti varadhu illa da lovuuu, avanga nammbala paarthu chumma mirandu varanum-da, adhu thaan da lovuuu...(swish, swooosh, twish.... finger makes sounds) (venaam!)

Simbu: Dei, Ambani-ponna love panni periyaalagaradha vida, manasuku pidicha ponna kalyanam pannindu Ambani-maadhiri periya aala varanum!!. (valikkudhu!)

Simbu: Dei, muthalla evan jeyikkaradhu-nradhu illa da mukkiyam, kadasilaa yaaru jeyichu nikkkaradhu-nradhu thaan nirandharam.(swish, (azhudhuduven!)

Intha maadhiri pala arputha dialogues niraintha padam! Kaana thavaraadheergal...
Vallavan, vallavan, vallavan.......

ps: Yaam petra inbam(?) peruga ivvaiyagam...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Married into Maryland

Okay Okay here I go...
After the usual absconding, here I am back to blogging!!!
At the rate I blog, I fear I will lose my precious few readers on the circuit as well.....

Readers Question: What on earth is making you update this blog so infrequently? (Not that we are the best fans, but atleast the comments section usually is good time-pass).

My excuse: Okay here is my last 2 weeks schedule - Attend an interview for a full time position, work on getting my visa transferred (w/o letting know my then employer), research about the new city that I am moving to, be perennially worried about the visa transfer to happen smoothly, give a day's notice to my then employer, pack-pack-pack-pack(illustrated below), constantly look out for room-mates in sulekha (man!, this place is expensive!). To establish how costly this place is, which by the way is Germantown in Maryland, 30 miles north of Wash DC -- When I was staying in a 2b/2ba apartment in Lexington, KY 1 year back, I was paying 50$ less than what I am paying for a shared 2 bed/2bath here. And this would be the right place to put it: And I found a good room-mate after all - no complaints, no sulks. Roomie, hope you read my blog someday and you can be proud of!:))

That really is few of the things that I did do in the last 2 weeks.
To give you an idea of how much I carried in my lachumi, this is how it was in my bedroom with all my stuff put together.

And this is how it is after my elaborate clean-up-and-throw-out-unwanted job.

A quick self-advertisement: Top-left la irukkura painting super-a iruku-la?
I know you guys would have thought that. Not wanting to keep the suspense any longer, that was the artistic work of yours truly, and not something that was bought in a art & craft store.

A question might come to you: Why the painting was not photographed closely?
A: Only if you look at it from a distance does it look good, the closer you look at it, my amateurishness at painting will show up!

So here I am in Maryland, wanting to know more people lest I will be bored to the hilt and start watching crappy tamil movies like Emtan Magan, Varalaaru (the story of godfather) and such moviess...

Otherwise, life is a chill (its getting to freezing here :(

Will keep you guys posted!