Miles to go before I sleep...

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Good Morning :(

"Hello Good Morning"
"Hey eppdi irukka da?Vanthu senthutten da inge US kku, anna veetla thaan irukken, samma tiring journey and I missed you a lot da"
"Naan nalla irukken da, bore adikarathu nee illaama. Nalla velai oru 2 minutes munnaadi panni irunthaa amma eduthu iruppa phone'a".
"Naane anna veetlenthu thiruttu thanamaa calling card la panindu irukken,unga amma eduthu irunthaa, ISD call-la blank call vitta perumaiyum enaku serum :)
"hehe, unga anna phone bill check pannina engaathu number kku phone panni iruku nu therinjuda porathu"
"yaa i know da, sari etho unkitte oru 2 minutes pesanumnu romba thonithu, athu thaan paninnen. Sari naan appurama unna chat la pidikkaren da. Love u da and miss u anddd....??"
"adei, ippo eppdi da?, sari same here(with a blush)"
"ok bye"

"Yaaru di phone-la?"
"En classmate ma, nalaikku midterm exam irukku maa college la athu thaan bayamaa iruku nnu pesindu irunthom".

"Divs, phone a edukkaracha, nee pesaraiyaa illa unga amma pesaraalaa nnu theriya mattengarathu enaku. sila samaiyam nee thaannu pesa vanthudaren then only I realise its ur mom and not you" nnnu.
"sari enna pannalaam?"
"how abouttt ...."

"sari Good Morning it is, that way I think of you everytime I pick up the phone".

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Moral Sciences!

Next day vanthu, avaloda number a thedi pidichu, call pannina general aa 2 mins pesittu, she asks him "so vera enna visheyam?", he replies, "vera onnum illa, nee thaan sollanum". Pat came the reply "sari appo naan unga kitte apporama pesaren. Bye, goodnight". Beep. Beep.
Ada pavi makkaa, nethiku introduce aana ponnu onnu kilambaracha "It was nice meeting you" nnu sonnatha ivvlo serious a eduthunttiye da...
Moral of the story: "Varaatha porullai thedi pogaathe!!"

"Illa illa inniku venaam, nee thaan innoru naal sappda vara sonniye, anniku full fledged aa unga veetuku vanthu saapdaren". Ponnu manasukkula - "podaanga, ozhungaa innike coffee a kudichuttu kilamba vendiyathu thaane, naan ivana saapaadu vera podanuma?? :)
Moral of the story: "Naalaiku kidaikkara palaa pazhatha vida, iniku kidaikkara elumicham pazhame perusu!"

"Amma next time naan pakkathu veetu gayatri a vida neraiya vaangi kaamikkaren. Naan nalla thaan ma ezhuthinen, but ava handwriting nalla irukum, athu than avaluku mark neraiya vanthu iruku". Mom - "Sari next time vaangalai na iruku da unaku". Aandavaa, eppdiyo amma va intha vaattiyum samaalichaachu, next time kulla avanga appa kku transfer aayidanum, illaatti avaluku udambu sari illaama oru exam kottai vidanum. Appadi mattum aachu naa, naan un koviluku vanthu.....
Moral of the story: "Vetri-tholvi nnu vanthuduthu naa, nee panra elaame nyaayam thaan!

"Ennanga, intha rendu pudavaila ethunga enaku eduppaa irukum?" "Enakku ennama theriyum, neeye etho onnu nallathaa eduthukko". "Chumma sollunga". "Enga, unga pondaatti aasai pattu ungaluku ethu pidikuthu nnu kekkarangale, sollaama scene podareengale" "Ada nee vera ya, enaku onnu pidikum nnu soluven, avalukku innonnu pidikum, rendu perukum pidichuthu nu rendume eduthukkalaam nu soluva, aporama naan thaan thundu thandam azhanum, ithellam unaku engeyaa theriyum??" - Dialogue from a recent Junior Vikatan.
Moral of the story: "Mirudangathuku rendu pakkam adi naa, drums' ku naalaa pakkamum adi!"

Ganguly after a dismal opening match for India against NewZealand, where we were struggling at 44/8 says "Actually the match was really close, we bowled well, fielded well, but the batting was off today. We can only get better from now on. Even when our batting failed to click, we lost only by 50 runs."

Moral of the story: "Oruthanuku ezhunthu nikkave vakku illaiyaam, avanukku ombathu pondaaattiyaam......."

Thursday, August 11, 2005

No rhyme or reason not to!

Oil prices hit a record high 66$ per barrel.

If you had been on the road here in US the past 2 weeks you could have noticed that gas prices are indeed rising alarmingly. It rose an incredible 30 cents a gallon on Monday and is still hovering around $2.45 per gallon. (Mercy god, I am not living in CA or NY).

I was wondering what I can do on my part to make this a little less burden on myself and everyone else around me.

Did you know all your electric - for airconditioner, lamps, television, hot water (in the US) are generated by the heating of oil or gas of some kind (directly or indirectly).

I feel everyone of us should play a part in conserving all these resources just for the sake of our own well-being. Whatever little they might be - like 'walking to the nearby store, instead of using your car' to 'turning off/hibernate your personal computer when you are not using it' to 'making sure all the lights are put out when you leave the home' and by simply being conscious of what we have and what we may not be having tomorrow.

I have also been the guilty part so far, but thought I could atleast play my part by making sure, I wont let go of any energy resource to waste from now on within my capacity. I am not asking you to change the world, all I am asking is to change what you have been doing all this while and you will automatically feel and do better. There is no point in cribbing about the rising prices otherwise.

It actually takes less than a minute to make sure everything is turned off before you leave home.

I pledge to be conscious... Do you?

ps1: This applies to people everywhere in the world. It is the same problem everywhere.
ps2: You need not pledge just because the oil prices are rising. Infact there need not be a reason at all to "waste" resources (whatever they may be).