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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Third Eye

What happens if you break a peacock's leg and ask it to dance? Or put a cuckoo in a cage and force it to sing?
(A litransalation of "Mayila pidichu kaala udachu" from Chinna Thambi)
Or you tell yourself "You have to post something today", hence squeeze ur idle brain for a thought process?

A posting like this will result :)

I am no more active in Orkut. Inactive as in not searching for my old friends, not looking for new friends. But I once in a while log-in and read scraps of friends, friend's friend etc etc. By quirk of fate, the scrapbook that I read generally belongs to be of the fairer sex. Anyways, whats the fun in reading a scrapbook of a guy??

A guy's scrapbook usually reads:

Ajith: Machi, eppdi irukka? Enna aale kanom?
Raja: hey dude...whast up.....romba naal whast up with ur lean manufac,.....???
Vijay: Any idea about Magesh Babu,Karthik,R.Vinoth and others? (Idhu ellam oru scrap'a? :)
Karthic: hey! what are you up to this weekend? I will call you.. ( venaam pleaseeeee...)

(All scraps were copied and pasted from Orkut)

Compare this with a girl's scrapbook
Scrap1: iillda chellam....chumma .....yaro sonadha sonenda....kannu....nnee romba alaga (Adapavingala!!!)

Scrap2: Oh! u coming till Detroit? I am 50 miles away from Detroit, probably I will come and meet you, give me a call when u r here. This is my cell number 3245667654, home#7654328876 ( deiiii, paiyana poranthuttu unaku cell fone e too much, ithula cell fone + veetla vera fone vachu irukkiyaa? :)

Scrap3: Hey, finally found you! I was searching for you in Orkut for the last 2 days and got hold of you atlast (Ogo, ippdi pesinaa kooda pidikkuma? Sigh!)

Scrap4: hey......u got a cute smile......(machi antha ponnu settled nu theriyaadha?)

(Again, all scraps from Orkut)

To paraphrase things:

Promise, will make a better effort next time.
Yours truly,

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Naan romba busy!

En Iniya Blog World Nanbargale/Nanbigale,

Ungal paasathum nesathukum uriya Bharathiraja errr... Prabhu ezhuthi kolgiren...
(I was amazed at Wikipedia, when I saw such a detailed page on Bharathiraja and his filmi works, Wiki really rocks!)

Its been a real busy couple of weeks and it still hasn't ended for me, so will be back, lot of things to write upon (oh, ya I should start with the travelogue lest I will forgot the whole story :)

Till then you guys keep blogging, I am definitely reading blogs!


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Jack or a King

I am not a sports freak, but I love to go out and play in the sun than stay at home and watch TV. Unfortunately for me, I was never a king of one trade, but a jack in a few games that I indulge in. Wish, I would be playing alongside Sania if I took tennis seriously, or would have been with Yuvi/Kaif if I had chosen cricket...sari sari...adangikkaren...

(Reminds me of the Singaravelan dialogue -- "Intha veetlaiye ellaa instruments melayum kai vekkaravan ivan oruthan thaan, ethaiyum vaasikka maattan, aana thudachu veppaan :)

When I relocated to North Carolina almost 6 months back, my brother's family were the only one I knew here in NC. To come from KY where I almost knew everyone ( no, not the other way round, not everyone knew me!) to this place where I was a nobody, I thought I will engage in some activities that I didnt have time to.

So I started playing volleyball at the local YMCA, and they had a volleyball league going on. So being the jack I am, I enrolled myself in the league games as well. Talking to me over the fone, the organizer said -- A league ellam konjam over, so B la senthukko. Every Monday we have a round-robin game with the finals in June.

One advantage that I later realised was -- one I am getting to know a lot of people, and the other since these games were on Mondays, they were no more mundane Mondays, and I wasnt actually cribbing on Sunday nights. I actually was not happy when Memorial Day came on a Monday :)
So finally I found the magic -- do try to do something special on Mondays and next time on you will want the Mondays to come a tad faster.

And yesterday was the semis and the finals at the Y.
This was indoor co-ed volleyball and our team was named "Wheres the Sand". I didnt quite catch the meaning the first time they told me, but then it dawned to me. We had a very good run in the season and completed the formalities in the finals as well.

Edhaavathu rolling cup kudupaanga, Federer maadhiri adhuku kiss kuduthu foto eduthukkalaam nu paathaa, oru Tshirt kuduthu emaathittaanga.
Anyways a win is a win is a win and here it is....

Coincidentally, we had a cricket tournament won almost the same time last year. Adhukum oru tshirt thaan for the winners. Looks like June is one month I can save some money on shopping.

And I am pretty tired the last couple of days. Had a thoroughly enjoyable camping trip with people in Lexington, KY and I continue to amaze myself by driving another 1000 miles in 2 days (Fri-Sun). I was dead meat on Sunday though.
Lots of adventures to write upon and as the trend is these days will write it up as a travellogue. (I promise to keep it short, not essentially sweet)

Alrite then,

Monday, June 05, 2006

Intha dialogue enna padam???

Thanks Kuttichuvaru for the idea...
Thanks PK for letting me use the He1, He2 logic
(PK use pannikkalaam la? :)

Dialogue 1:

He1:Unga appan peru enna?
He2: Theriyaathu
He1:Unga amma peru enna?
He2: Theriyaathu
He1: "Amma appa peru theriyaathavanaa nee?".
He2: "Enna paetha ammaa engiiiiiirukkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeengaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?".

Dialogue 2:

He1: He has misappropriated 25 lakhs of my father's money.
He2: aa.. aaaan, nallavaru-ngara?
He1: Yov, enga appa kittenthu eruvathanju latch roobai suttu irukaanu solren.hee.. hee..
He2: Ennayaa sirichukune solra? eruvathanju latchama, avan avan eruvathanju aayiram kadan vaangikinu thiruppi kuduka mudiyaama irukaan. 25 latcham irunthaa 100 pathaaan kadan adaippene.

Dialogue 3:

He: Thirunelveli laye enaku pidichathu alvaa thaan.
She: Paathu di unaku kuduthuda poraaan.

And no contest this one, so that KC thalaiya udachaa madhiri contest rules ellam illa and no comment moderations :)

Friday, June 02, 2006

I await

Dont be afraid, everybody has to go through to this next stage. I hear a constant word of advise from near and dear. "He is not going to last long, I think we should prepare him for it, its already too late. People his age have already crossed the bridge" - people ponder. We will get the process rolling to inform all his known ones about the impending event and make this a grand farewell.

Its farewell to this world and he would enter an entire different world - some people have pictured the other world to be heavenly where you are not shackled by clutches, where you do things you were doing in your previous world, where you atlast get luxuries for the soul and the body, where you blissfully sleep. There have been stories about the other world being torturous, with oil-containers for you to drown, loud shrills that leaves your mind in tatters, your own personal space stolen, you have to carry loads and loads of burden, and painfully sleep in the night.

I know I had to come to this stage some point of time - after all it happens to every mortal in this universe. I am not ready for this though. I cannot imagine myself sleeping painfully in the new world. I am plain resistant to changes that are going to happen. When I am happy and content with my current living, why should I leave everything and move on?

It is the definition of a conundrum -- an irresistible force against an immovable object. Something has to give up, not sure which one would.

I await.