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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Recipes down the memory lane -1

Chapter 1 : It's a perfect far!
October 2004:

It is the usual hectic day for Anjali and she was cooling her heels off at home. She is a typical city-bred girl pursuing her undergraduate degree in computer science engineering. She is just out of her teens, she is probably touching 5'7", her eyes are oft compared to the shape of a fish and when they do, they speak a whole lot than her mouth does. Her cherubic smile, her long legs and a body that turns heads, she could have been easily in the modeling industry. She is adventurous, brave, always inquisitive, bubbly, fun-loving and an endless list of adjectives that would bracket her into the 'this girl is a lot of fun to be with'. She has a varied range of interests - from cooking dishes to speaking dirty politics, from playing tennis to commenting on Crichton's science fiction novels, from shooting digital video on scenic trips to learning carnatic music.

Ramanan wasn't doing well for the past 2-3 days. He is barely able to walk and take care of himself but he is not unduly perturbed by his unwellness. All he is hoping is this bout of suffering to end sooner because he has got bigger dates to come. He is one of the nicest guys that you can get to meet. He is always helpful and he listens more than he talks. He was considered a sick child when he was young - always had the habit of getting into some unknown ailments that would take its toll on his body and emotions and by the time he recovers from one another unknown arrives. For the amount of suffering he has underwent the spirit he shows towards life is truly amazing.

A first look at Aditya makes you think he is a technical freak and someone who talks more than he knows. He is not particularly good at getting high scores in his exams but when you need some technical help ranging from computers to 'my-cellphone-antenna-is-broke' to how do I assemble this piece of furniture, he should be the first guy that you want to go to! He analyses things differently and loves to make mistakes for it helps him to get better each time. He is just done with his undergraduate degree in India and is in the US of A to pursue a PhD degree in Radiation Chemistry. He is hugely curious when it comes to the working of day-to-day electronic gadgetry and loves to fiddle around with them whenever he gets a chance away from his already busy research life. But then, he doesnt complain often!

Rehana Begum is a down to earth lower middle-class wife living in Hyderabad. She lives in a multistoreyed, multi-portioned complex right in the downtown of Hyderabad. She works as a janitor in the same office as her husband and their wages put together help them meet their ends. They have a 1 year old boy who is taken care of her next-door grandmother during the day and she is carrying a soon to arrive baby. Hers is a happy go family life, no big plans about the future, a living for today, a loving husband and kid, tasty food to eat everyday.

Is life a worthwhile trip when everything remains perfect and predictable?
Isn't it the popular perception that 'All of us had a past to deal with?'

To be continued ...

Friday, May 27, 2005

Irunthum Illai...

Recently read :
Its a story and there are only two characters - Mom Camel and her Daughter Camel.

DC : "Amma, namakku en maa kaal ellam perusaa irukku?"
MC : "Desert la naama neraiya thooram nadakkanum la, athuku than long steps kaaga aandavan kuduthu irukkaan da kannamma"

DC: " Amma nammaloda vaai en ivvlo sora sora nnu irukku?"
MC : " Desert la cactus flower sharp a thaane irukkum, atha sappdarathukkaga aandavan kuduthu irukaan da kannamma"

DC : " Amma nammaloda vayathukula en oru water storage edam irukku"
MC : "Paalaivanathula thanni kidiakkathu la, athu thaan kudikkarachaiye store pannikka thaan aandavan kuduthu irukkaan da kannamma"

DC : " Ellaam sari maa, naama en circus la oru cage kullaa irukkom?"

Courtesy : Aanandha Vikatan.
Trivia : Super star ku romba pidicha kathai ithu thaanaam.

Sunday, May 22, 2005


Her arms around Him, She hugging around his back,
They talking a gamut of things under the sun,

- Suddenly he was woken up by his 5 year old kid born out of His marriage.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Is love a misnomer?

Back when I was young, I thought if two people were in love there can be nothing that could go wrong between them. As I started to grow older and started understanding things a little better, I could figure out, people truly in love tend to agree over differences and find ways to love each other better on arguments.

But I have this feeling creeping inside me for quite some time that these days, love is commonly misconstrued for some convenience relationship. I vividly recollect my final year days, when we counted the number of girl-guy combinations who were "going" together and expressed their mutual love and it touched 40. Whew! I thought all these people are going to get married in another 3-4 years and lead a fun-filled life. Alas! that was not going to be, hardly 4 or 5 pairs only made it till marriage and beyond.

My personal feeling, these Americans treat love as something like a convenience relationship - more of companionship, than true emotions involved that we always talk about in a love relationship. Ofcourse I am not saying they dont care about the hearts, but all I am saying is they are ready for a break in the relationship in the future. They dont think of marriage for a long time in their love relationship but the first thing that we do when thinking about love is think about getting married.

I see more and more of these cases happening where in its more of a need for companionship and someone who can really take care of you being represented as the person you love.
TO get married is just a big step taken from your love relationship. It involves more of committment and loyalty than just love and being loved. A sustained marriage is not the goal but the liberty you take to encroach upon your spouse's 'own' space makes marriages work beautifully.

Having said all these about love being grossly misrepresented, marrying someone unknown still gives me jitters!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Incomplete triangle

His intimacy toward Her, His ability to know what Her wants are,
His gentle caresses over Her hair, His sense of humor,
His Warmth, Comfort of His holding hands,
His hugs, His kisses,
His support in making Her dream more, His unflinching love for Her,
His panache in making Her believe they are inseparable from each other.

Few months passes by and She gets married to Him.

She starts to like the love and affection shown by Him.
She liked the way she was taken care by Him when she fell sick.
She liked the understanding and patience shown by Him knowing truly about Her hurt past.
She liked the loyalty and dedication shown by Him to make this relationship work.

One day it suddenly dawned to Her - "Why should She still be in His thoughts when She thinks She actually is in love with Him?"
Realising this, that night, She made love to Him for the first time...

Monday, May 09, 2005

Things that I learnt!

Things that I learnt after coming into the blogging world:

1. When talking about your friends in the blog never type in their full name. If your friend's name is "Maadasaami" type in just an M (he will also feel better and you can save yourself some typing).

2. You can be as abstract in your blog as much as you think you can go. You can absolutely type in two disjointed words like "Sunrise" and "Cathectic" (i.e. to invest emotional energy in) next to each other. That lets the readers use their imagination and relate those two words.

3. Avvai sonnaa maari "ondru, erandu, moonu, naalu, ainthu, aaru" ena oru group-la irukkaravangala varisai paduthi ezhuthalaam.

4. You can get atleast 125 comments on your blog easily by replying individually to each one of the comment'ers ( which includes you, so that it goes into an infinite recursive loop)

5. You can talk about anything in your blog, it could be the long road-trip and how you saved yourself from some charged up cattle the previous day.

6. You could write up a blog just because all the people around you talk about it all the time and because of the "hype" that they give to it.

7. You can create your own abbreviations like "YAGIYAG" meaning 'You Also Get If You Also Give' and there will still be some people who describe that blog to be a master-piece.

8. Last but not the least, there need not be any particular reason for you to blog. You can blabber and blog just because its lunch time on a Monday and just so you can say "I will always blog once in 2-3 days".

- Prabhu

ps1: As always, all intentions and references were meant to be sarcastic and they are all (un)intentional.

ps2: This is slightly off the topic. For all those comment'ers only - you can have the same comment :
1." i wonder who this anonymous is", 2. "enjamaai maa"
in every blog that you read and still have some elder brother of yours laugh at it heartily.

Friday, May 06, 2005


Uruvam Koduthu Uyir Koduthu,
Unarvu Koduthu Unavu Koduthu,
Urimai Koduthu Ullam Koduthu,
Inimai Koduthu Inidhe Koduthu,
Illam Koduthu Ikkanam Koduthu,
Imai Koduthu Iyal Koduthu,
Anbu Koduthu Aravanaippu Koduthu,
Amuthu Koduthu Agam Koduthu,
Ennai Koduthu Ellaam Koduthu,
Yekkam Thanitha Ennin Ammaa,

Naalai naan unnin thaayaga varam kodu!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

To believe or not to!

To believe her or not to ! Posted by Hello

Imagination1: You are reading this blog when you are lonely at home.
Imagination2: Your home seems suddenly eerie and too calm to you to believe its just you in your home.

Sometimes when you are all by yourself at home do you ever get a feeling that something strange is happening around you? Have you heard strange sounds in the other room, leaves rustling outside the window and when you go to check things out, everything seems to be not-out-of-ordinary? When you are in the shower, have you noticed that something is pulling you into the tub/swimming pool?
Innikum mani night 12 aachunna, udambula poooraan neliyara maari, bayam neliya aarambikkuthu. Chinna vayasulenthu, panirendu mani, nammudaiya time illa, athu peigal nadamaadum neram nnu namba vechuttaanga.

So, do ghosts exist? If you keep scientific explanations and facts aside and listen to the stories rendered by our ancestors, you can be made to believe that ghosts a.k.a spirits do "co-exist" with us.

Now from the stories that go around in rural india:

- There's always a ghost residing in water - pool/well/bathing tub (in modern times). Athuvum thannila kannu avvlo thulliyamaa theriyaathu, yaaro kaala pidichu izhukkura maari irukkum. And dimly lit areas are definitely preferred places that a ghost can reside. (So, ushaar inimel...)
- Female ghosts clad white all the time. ( And this is universal, even in western countries).
- Aangalai kaattilum, Pengalukku thaan eppome pei pidikkum. Enga ooru kizhavi ya kettappo " aambalainga erkanave pisaasunga, avanungala pei vera pidikkanumaakkum?" nnu nakkalaa solluvaanga.
- Ghosts are very territorial by nature, they wouldnt want to leave their home unless forced to. Thats when they get angry and you can hear/see some strange things.

Imagine this: A little indian innocent, plain faced kid appearing from the woods with widespread hands is supposed to be the most widely seen ghost/spirit . People from all over the world have supposedly seen this kid and got scared to hell.
Next time you are cooking and hear something in the living/bedroom or when you are too concentrated on your PC and hear something at your back, think that its just some Nancy/Amy who also co-exists with you and give her some space. Dont be too worried about her :)
If you ask me whether I believe in ghosts & their stories, I would say "Well, I dont believe ghosts do exist, but I definitely get scared".
And dont be too dismissive of this blog or its contents. If you havent experienced any of these yet, you will definitely think about this blog when you "do" feel you are "not" alone.

Rest in peace,
- Prabhu

Reference: This week's AnandhaVikatan, Kathaavilaasam.


Night -kaa paarunga intha idathai!
Till then,

Monday, May 02, 2005

Being explicitly expletive!

Whats your favorite one?
I was talking to a close frend of mine and was wondering, what choice of expletives do girls use?
Whats the most that they know? I am sure for once, we guys know more than they do.
Wait a second, do I know that for sure? Atleast from the curiosity that they exhibit in knowing the definitions, I can only hope they know a lil less than we do!

I wonder, how can guys who can tend be so explicitly expletive, be that goody-goody amidst the girls?
I dont swear, but I dont mind expletives coming from a few guys, as it adds spice to the scene and lightens the mood generally.
Atleast in the group that I have been, swears were never meant to be swears, it just adds a punch to the point that they are making.
The puns that they intentionally give to certain parts of the words, really does the trick and evokes instant laughter in the group. That being said, I think, swears from some guys dont look good at all (and that is one reason that I dont swear :)

To finish it off, a swear, that puts me into fits of laughter, "thambi ithu unga aaathaa!"
vivek:"podaaannnnnnngggggggggggggggooooo****" ( roja kootam is it, the film?)

- Prabhu