Miles to go before I sleep...

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Namma Shankar ovvoru padathulaiyum oru message solraa maadhiri (actually all his movies have the same message), I have had lot of friends who have advises-a- la-signatures at the bottom of their emails.

Some people have such a big signature that you would wonder if it is their resume they have attached. Anywayss, I am quoting a few that I remember seeing in my emails.

(Periyorgale, thaaimaargale, dun-dun-dun-dun -- Idhunaal therivippadhu enna vendraal, blog ezhutha vera topic-e illa enbadhai me accepting with all pride :)

Here it goes...
  • Dont be too open-minded, your brains might fall-off!!
  • Don't resist any temptations, you may not get the opportunity again. (Now, I have done that a lot of times :)
  • Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.
  • Doing nothing is very hard to never know when you're finished.(Reminded me of Charlie's role in Anniyan - "rest eduthu tired-aagi rest eduthundu irukken")
The best of all that I read -

  • There are 10 different kinds of people in this world,those who understand binary and those who don't. (It definitely took me a second reading )

Friday, July 21, 2006


The war was suddenly launched. The provocation on the previous night was the reason for this sudden attack. For so long, there was no one to contend with and none to wage a war with. This time, once there was a realization, swift actions were taken.

The enemy territory was not huge by any means, but their army power in sheer numbers surprises anyone. "If you dont have the numbers, you better play clever in the battle". They definitely followed that - they had secret hideouts, surprise weaponry and some Weapons of Mass Destruction's hidden.
But there I was, with a tanker like vacuum cleaner in my hand and host of Mootai-pooochi's in my bed to contend with. (Mootai poochi = bed bug).
Never thought I will see this day in the US where there were so many mootai-poochi's in my bed. Engenthu thaan vanthutho, and I dont know how on earth did I not even feel their effects for so long.
Anyways yesterday was mootai-poochi cleaning day and at the end of it, even though I was tired, sleeping again on the same bed seemed repelling to me. I just hope, I did not miss a male and female in the bed itself. After all, I can only claim victory for a week, they will come back in full force. And for my dear readers, I will definitely be updating my part of the story.

As is the trend these days, I also want to complain about the summers being too hot. One good thing is, I wake up early these days because of the sunlight. Mind you, early is a relative term.
By the time I leave for work (early 9's), sooriyanaar already top gear la nikkaraaar. To crib even more, I most probably will be travelling to Texas this weekend :(

Adhe sangathi.

ps1: Indha maadhiri blog poatta, yen India la blog ellam block panna maataanga? :)
ps2: On a side note, its been 5 years since I landed in the US of A. Time really flies.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Three things

Loose-u Ponnne:

Listened to Vallavan's music last week and this Loose-uu penne song instantly caught on to me.
Its a remix and rendered nicely by Blaze. So Blaze is now with Yuvan?, thats a rocking combination!
I am no music expert - but then the sounds and strings in this song are very different and peppy.
Its in the genre of "Suppose-Unna" from Sukran ( I still like Suppose for its better lyrics :P)


I finally watched the last part (in 4 days) of kutti-thalaivar's Pudhupettai yesterday - completed the movie at "one part a day" policy!
I know the movie hasnt gotten the best reviews, but then I liked it and Dhanush has tried his best to fit in this role and he has done a terrific job at times and his stature not suiting the role sometimes.
But then for all the Selvaraghavan-Dhanush fans, do see it, if not already.


Imsai-Arasan 23am Pulikesi is releasing in our theaters today and just for the sake of the curiosity it has raised, me going to see it this evening. I am not going with too much of expectations, so should be a good viewing especially because it is Raja Gaalathu kadhai and not yet another gangster-movie.

Addendum: Just back after watching this movie, and this is one movie you dont want to miss if it is screening nearby. It really is a laugh riot :) More later ...

ps1: Be prepared for a flurry of movie reviews in my next post(s).
ps2: Listen to Loose-u ponne in mp3 format, the songs sucks if you listen from Musicindiaonline. If you want it, drop me a line.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Blasts, yet again

hmm, I wanted to blog about movies, but then thanks to yet another serial blasts in Mumbai, did not have the enthu to write one.

How do they get hold off all the soft spots in the city? What were the police doing? Shouldnt they have a better spy network to unearth all these plots?

I just have 2 things to write:

1. This Home Minister (Mr. Shivraj Patil) that we are having at the centre is the weakest that we ever had and that does not augur well for us. Home Ministry is supposed to be on par with the Prime Minister because of its need to the country's safety. There have been strings of violence off-late (the repeal of POTA is a reason also, I believe) and everytime he goes to visit the casualties and offer apologies. I have not seen him pro-active and do something to prevent such acts. Its time to go, Mr. Patil.

2. Shiv Sena did actually help the blasts to be conducted smoothly. No doubt the desecration of Mrs. Thackeray's statue needs to be condemned, but they took the streets, indulged in violence, bandh'ed mumbai thereby the policemen were concentrating on containing this domestic violence. They need to be blamed as well.

And, all I could do from here is feel bad, pray that the casualty count does not go beyond the hundreds it already touched and get on with work. After all none of my known relatives/frends live in Mumbai - that's all I care about :(

Hope tomorrow has better things stacked up.
To put salt in the wound, here goes Mr. Patil's reaction to
" I am in the process of getting the exact information. Before getting full information, it is not correct for the govt to disclose anything. We would take precautions but not a national alert. -

Not a national alert????!!, I am puzzled, so what calls for a national alert?